I was drawn to academia by way of the classroom, in large part because of inspirational history professors during my undergraduate years. Teaching remains at the heart of my identity as a historian. My teaching is driven by a commitment to two principles: historical inclusivity and expansive perspectives. By the time students leave my classroom at the end of any semester, I expect them to develop an understanding of history that embodies these principles, whether at the introductory undergraduate, advanced undergraduate, or graduate level.

Undergraduate Courses

United States History, since 1876
Recent America, 1945-present
Immigration and Ethnicity in Amer. History
Asian American Experiences
History of Islam in America
Senior Seminar: Race, Power & the Cold War

Graduate Courses

United States History, 1876–1933
Contemporary America, 1933–present
Urban and Suburban History
America and the Global Cold War
US Diplomatic History