I was drawn to academia by way of the classroom, in large part because of inspirational history professors during my undergraduate years. Teaching remains at the heart of my identity as a historian. My teaching is driven by a commitment to two principles: historical inclusivity and expansive perspectives. By the time students leave my classroom at the end of any semester, I hope that they have developed​ an understanding of history that embodies these principles, whether at the introductory undergraduate, advanced undergraduate, or graduate level.

Undergraduate Courses

United States History, since 1876
Recent America, 1945-present
Immigration and Ethnicity in Amer. History
Asian American Experiences
History of Islam in America
Senior Seminar: Race, Power & the Cold War

Graduate Courses

United States History, 1876–1933
Contemporary America, 1933–present
Urban and Suburban History
America and the Global Cold War
US Diplomatic History